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We are now excited to offer mobile repairs, for a small service fee we will come out to your home or place of business to do the repair onsite. Pickup and Drop-off service is also available. 


Tempered Glass

  • 100% tempered glass gives stronger protection, even resists sharp objects
  • Shatter-proof glass minimizes damage if device is dropped or the screen breaks
  • Glass is only 0.4 mm thick - your screen will retain full-touch sensitive


if you want premium protection for the delicate screen on your device look no further than the Tempered Glass Screen Protector. This display protector is made of shatter-proof glass, comes with a smudge-proof coating, and application is a snap. The end result is a crystal clear view of your screen – without the hassle of bubbles or dust getting in the way.


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iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X customers should read the following;
We are tracking two issues with screen replacements for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X models. First and most important is IOS 11.3 and above has a problem with aftermarket screens.  Most screens available to the repair community are aftermarket, these screens are new made by companies like Sharp and LG. All screens possess a chip that controls the touch screen, currently IOS 11.3 disables this chip on the aftermarket screens leaving you with a phone that cannot be used.  Our suppliers have already replaced all our stock with new aftermarket screens that have addressed this issue and have been verified on 11.3 as well as the pre-release of 11.4. So far the new screens are working and we are in contact with past customers to get them switched out. What is unknown is if the new screens will stop working down the road with newer IOS versions. This is something we or the manufactures have no control over as Apple is making the changes to IOS. 
We do have the option of using refurbished screens, these are original Apple screens that have been refurbished to like new condition, they have new glass but use the original LCD and controller chips. At this time we are matching Apple's prices on the 8 and 8 Plus models, ask us for more information or to see a side by side comparison. For iPhone X owners we are suggesting you take the device directly to Apple until our costs come down. 
The other issue deals with the ambient light sensor, it looks like replacing the screen on the 8, 8 Plus and X models will disable the device's ability to adjust brightness automatically. This is regardless if your using an aftermarket or refurbished screen. In testing even taking two identical and all original phones and simply swamping the working screens between them the automatic brightness control was disabled. At this time there is no work around or fix for this issue. 
Don't trust your repair to anyone, we have been serving the Mid Michigan area since 2012 specializing in Samsung and Apple products.
In late 2017 we took to the road, creating a unique approach to mobile service, we use a large service vehicle that brings our shop to you. Repairs are done safely and without the mess or hassle of having a technician in your home. To help bring this service to customers we joined with Amazon Home, iCracked and Square Trade.
Also in 2017 we partnered with MIKA Systems, a 26 year leader in computer services and network management. We had already been offering computer cleanup but our new partnership allows us to extend this to business customers and offer full managed services with hosting solutions. 
Starting in 2018 we are opening additional locations to better serve the area, we are selecting the locations based on demand for our onsite repair, our newest location is in Flushing MI

Let our certified technicians repair your device back to original condition. All repairs are covered by a 90 day warranty. Make sure to ask about optional damage protection giving you peace on mind and covering most damage for a year. 


We purchase, service and sell all Apple products as well as most other smartphones and laptop/table computers. We have a large inventory of parts for both Apple and Samsung devices and most repairs take less then an hour.

Wireless Repair has partnered with different US suppliers to offer only the highest quality fully warranted parts at the lowest possible price.

We have been asked many time if the parts we use for repair are genuine Apple part, the short answer is no. Unless you take your device to an Apple store for repair\replacement you will not get genuine Apple parts, they simply do not exist for the iDevices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) Original parts are available for the Mac devices by Apple Certified Service Centers but even they have to justify each and every part used and report back to Apple with serial numbers. Many repair shops and part suppliers will try to tell you they use OEM parts but this is not the full truth, how they get away with this is by purchasing refurbished parts where the original LCDs was used with a new aftermarket glass attached. For most newer model phones we offer both Aftermarket as well as Refurbished parts. Stop in and we can show you the difference. 


We are open Monday through Friday from 11am until 7pm and Saturday from 10 until 3








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