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Can the digitizer be separated from the LCD in the iPhone 4?



So you dropped you iPhone 4 and cracked that attractive yet fragile screen. Welcome to the conundrum that many of us iPhone owners are all too familiar with. Now with a broken iPhone 4 screen you have a few options:

1. Buy the parts and attempt to fix it yourself. ($70 - $140) 
2. Pay a local iPhone repair shop $120.00 to fix it.                                                                  
2. Pay Apple $200 to fix it.

 If you are bold enough to chose the first option you will do some research and eventually run into the following question:
Can the digitizer be separated from the LCD in the iPhone 4 like the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs?
The straight answer is no, the digitizer cannot be separated from the LCD with the iPhone 4 due to Apple fusing them together at the factory. Gone are the days of cheap iPhone screen repair. Apple decided to seal the glass and LCD together to stop the issue they were having with dust getting between the digitizer and the LCD. Yes it makes sense, but it also makes the iPhone 4 repair more expensive because you have to replace the LCD with the digitizer as one part even if you have a fully functional LCD. Which brings me to my issue I have been seeing with sellers on Ebay and Amazon.  There are people on the internet that are selling the iPhone 4 digitizers without the LCD. This is a OUTRIGHT SCAM! With just a quick search in google for iphone 4 digitzer replacement this is what I came up with:
Oh my! It even comes with tools!  .....I smell SCAM!!!

 "Oh well I will just fix it like my cracked iPhone 4 screen just like I fixed my old iPhone 3G."

 NO! THIS IS NOT THE CASE! You will be wasting you time and money!
   Even if you are to buy the LCD and the digitizer separately and put them together the screen looks weird. I have seen these shoddy jobs for myself and it does not look right.
The iPhone 4 Digitizer by itself.
Here is what happens when you attempt to remove the LCD from old broken screen.
The Left is what your iPhone will look like if you buy just the digitizer. Bad idea.

 I am not sure how Ebay is allowing these defective products to even be sold. My only guess is not enough people know that the digitizer/screen cannot be separated from the LCD. Performing a screen replacement on an iPhone 4 is not an easy task as it is. These days I can understand why an iPhone owner would resort to repairing their broken iPhone by themselves to try an save money. As a iPhone repair specialist I run into people that have been scammed by this product more then I would like to see.

The screen, digitizer, AND LCD. Most likely it will run you anywhere from $50 to $90 with shipping. There repair takes about an hour and a half if you follow the videos carefully.