Wireless Repair Zone

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Here at Wireless we know sometimes you just want to get your hands dirty and take care of your own device, well we are here to help. If you need parts, tools or just a bit of advise. Remember you still have the option to put all of the parts in a zip lock bag and bring it in if you find you're in over your head. You will find a lot of good resources on the web on how to repair your device, always check more then one source. One place to start is YouTube, some devices are easy however most are very difficult and require special tools. Remember even if you're doing the repair yourself feel free to stop in and we can show you or give you a bit of free advise.

First you need the parts, start by checking the how to guides, they provide a good idea of the task at hand as well as a parts and tool list. Make sure you get quality parts, remember you get what you pay for and cheaper is not always better, when looking at parts the best quality are the Plus, Premium parts these are most like the manufactures. Below is a link to our supplier or we stock most Apple and Samsung parts. or come in to the store and we will provide you with the parts and help in how to install it. 

We have included guides for the most common repairs on the device pages in this section, or for more information visit