LCD refurbishing

Wireless Repair offers LCD refurbishing services for your repair shop or will purchase your broken screens. We have partnered with OCA Masters so we can perform glass only refurbishing for both LCD and OLED screens. Select on the side to see our current prices.

Why do we refurbish screens, in large part to make sure we have a steady supply of high quality parts. There are many different type of replacement parts available on the market, to help understand we have put together the following;

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

  • Lower cost
  • Single back light
  • Brighter
  • Will not suffer from burn in

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)

  • Each pixel provides its own illumination
  • Better color map
  • Better Contrast (the blacks are not washed out)
  • Better viewing angle
  • Lower power consumption
  • Suffers from burn in
  • Not as bright in daylight

Aftermarket, although there are many different levels of aftermarket screens in general these are cheaper then OEM\Refurbished they are 100% new but at the end of the day are knock offs made by a 3rd party company not the original manufacture. We have tested countless aftermarkets screens and will continue doing our best to provide the highest quality available on the market. All of our screens when possible are purchased from local suppliers and covered by a full warranty.

OEM\Refurbished, this differs based on the device. When possible we purchase OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products. Samsung, LG, and Motorola are some examples where by default the screens we use are new, OEM parts the same as your original screen. In some cases, Apple for example OEM parts are not available to anyone excluding the manufacture. The only “OEM” parts on the market are refurbished, these are screens that were salvaged from broken devices typically broken screens with working LCD/OLED’s then using equipment like setup shown below the broken glass is removed and replaced with new, the screens are then tested and used to repair your device.